Conan might not know a mage from a murloc, but that won’t stop him from faking his way through BlizzCon.

BlizzCon 2013 recently attracted many of Azeroth’s greatest heroes, and also Conan O’Brien. The TV personality is notorious for diving into games he has no idea how to play, but this time his misadventures weren’t just limited to his own session. Conan was invited to provide live commentary at BlizzCon’s World of Warcraft Arena Finals, which he did with gusto – despite having no clue what was happening at any given time.

Conan did sit down to play WoW for “about sixteen minutes” to prepare for the big event. If he did much conventional gameplay, we didn’t get to see it. What he does do is leap gracefully to his death and try to pick a fight with a stranger. Spoiler: it doesn’t go as planned.

Amusing as his inexperience may be to those of us who are firmly entrenched in the world of games, it’s always interesting to see an outside take on the things we take for granted. Conan’s ill-fated attempt to actually socialize with other players in an MMO really shouldn’t be as unexpected as it was. Blizzard can streamline the mechanics to attract more casual gamers, but the in-game culture certainly hasn’t gotten any more approachable if you go in expecting those kinds of interactions. Still, the game producer and other commentators take his humor in stride, so maybe Clueless Gamers like Conan do have a role to play.

Source: Team Coco

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