Concept, Concept, Concept Art, Ho!


Pssst? Want to see some concept art for the Thundercats movie? Step inside…

Oh internet, is there anything you can’t provide? Obviously the answer to that question is ‘yes’, but it does bring us some pretty cool stuff. Today’s offering is some leaked concept art from the CG Thundercats movie.

The images were created by Jerry O’Flaherty, who was the art director for Gears of War before moving to Los Angeles to work on the movie.

If these images are anything to go by, the Thudercats are going to look a lot more feline than their previous incarnations, and bright blue briefs are out and sensible leather clothing is in. There’s also a piece depicting Mumm-Ra’s pyramid, and an attack from the Mutants.

Obviously, good concept art doesn’t necessarily mean the movie itself will be good, but I know that I’m suddenly a lot more excited about it.

Source: Movie Line via EvilAvatar

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