Console Wars Make Infinity Ward Angry


According to Infinity Ward’s Robert Bowling, few things make the Modern Warfare developer want to Hulk out more than rabid console fanboys.

Speaking with NowGamer, Infinity Ward’s creative brain Robert Bowling talked about his relationship with the community that has grown around Call of Duty 4: Modern Warfare and its upcoming sequel. Sometimes, says Bowling, you just need to explain to the community that they’re being ridiculous – but it’s often simply a product of misinformation than anything else: “Whether it’s gameplay stuff or whatever, you just have to explain it to them. Most of the time, they’re just misinformed … they just don’t know how stuff works and when you explain it to them, they’re usually like, ‘oh yeah, that makes sense.'”

However, while Bowling is perfectly willing to take the time to correct misinformation and explain decisions to even the most ridiculous-sounding members of the community, there’s one thing that really, really grinds his gears: die-hard console fanboys.

I was talking to this one guy recently … he was a very angry PS3 user. Angry because he was like ‘why aren’t you talking about the PS3 version?’ and I’m like, NO, we’re talking about the GAME, not the 360 version. Just the fact that we have to explain that. Seriously. Calm down, and just look at this. The game is equal on every platform, so when we talk about a feature of the game it applies to the game as a whole. The console wars really anger me because so much effort goes into ensuring the game is the same on each platform.

“A very angry PS3 user,” Robert? Isn’t that all of them? (I’ll be here all week, folks!)

So the next time you get ready to write a ten-page diatribe on why the Xbox 360 is the best gift from the videogame gods ever and why the PS3 and Wii are for losers who hate videogames, just stop. Stop, take a breath, and think: You are making the folks at Infinity Ward cry, and if they’re too busy crying then they can’t make new Modern Warfare 2 maps. So you’ve just delayed the game’s DLC by at least a few weeks.

I hope you feel good about yourself now, you jerk.

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