Consortium: The Tower Prophecy Transmits Its First Trailer


Interdimensional Games has finally revealed its first glimpse of Consortium: The Tower Prophecy after switching to Unreal Engine 4.

The original Consortium was a game I didn’t know I needed until I played it – a small-scale, sci-fi RPG that cleverly twisted popular gaming tropes. But it also left me excited for Consortium: The Tower Prophecy, a sequel set during the hostage crisis on a massive futuristic skyscraper. Now Interdimensional Games has revealed its first trailer, showcasing Consortium‘s larger scope as presented within Unreal Engine 4.

Consortium puts players in the boots of Bishop Six, an operative working for a peacekeeping agency in the year 2042. But you’re also playing as yourself, controlling Bishop Six and altering timelines from the comfort of your computer. The Tower Prophecy builds upon the original game with a new terrorist threat in London’s Churchill Tower, from a group that might actually be aware of your presence in Consortium‘s reality.

The trailer opens where Consortium ended and The Tower Prophecy will begin – with Bishop Six skydiving onto London’s extravagant Churchill Tower. While there isn’t much gameplay here, you can see the larger scale of The Tower Prophecy‘s open environment – a welcome change after exploring the cramped Zenlil airship. Bishop Six also shows off his targeting sensors which track multiple enemies from a distance, and prepares weapons for battle before a lightning bolt stops the “transmission” from the future.

“It’s a truly massive futuristic skyscraper, almost a kilometer tall, and at its base it literally spans the width of the River Thames in London, England,” lead designer Gregory MacMartin told The Escapist back in January. “We are leveraging all of the game mechanics, gear and characters that we invented with the first game and making use of them in a space that’s a couple orders of magnitude larger than ZENLIL’s interior.”

While this is likely just a teaser made to support The Tower Prophecy‘s upcoming crowdfunding campaign, it absolutely leaves me in the mood to start playing and interacting with the Zenlil crew once again. Here’s hoping the rest of the game follows quickly, so we can play it for ourselves without a long wait.

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