A survey has found that 3D isn’t a big enough draw to get people to spend a heap on cash on new equipment.

3D gaming might have hit a snag, at least on consoles, as a survey found that more than eight out of ten people don’t consider the ability to view 3D media enough of an incentive to buy a new television. Additionally, more than half of the participants said that they wouldn’t be willing to pay extra for 3D.

A study published by Deloitte, a consultancy and risk management firm, found that 83% of the people polled wouldn’t buy a new TV just for 3D, and 60% didn’t think that 3D was a worth paying a premium for. The study also found that 31% of people didn’t think that 3D enhanced their viewing experience, and a further 13% found that watching things in 3D actually made them ill or uncomfortable.

Opinions about 3D weren’t uniform across all age ranges though. The 1,960 people polled ranged from 14 to 75 years old, and at the younger end of the spectrum, around 40% said that they would buy a 3D TV that required glasses and 55% said that they would buy a 3D TV that didn’t require glasses.

This seems like especially bad news for Sony, as it seems to be pouring a lot of resources into 3D media across all branches of the company. It’s still very early days for 3D though, so it’s probably best not to start writing obituaries just yet.

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