ConTemporal Steampunk Con Comes to Escapist-Land


The ConTemporal science fiction and steampunk convention is touching down for the weekend.

The aethereally free-floating city of Port Raleigh has made landfall in Chapel Hill, North Carolina, which means that you, if you happen to be in the time/space continuum neighborhood, have the opportunity to immerse yourself in the culture, meet some really cool people, buy some really cool stuff and even take in some panels – coolness to be determined – including a few featuring some real, live Escapists.

The Escapist-powered info-fun begins at 3 pm on Friday with “ACKS: Gaming: Tips for the DM,” moderated by Generalissimo Steve Butts and featuring panelists Justin Clouse, Alex Macris and Greg Tito; then at 7 pm, Monsieur Butts will make another appearance in the “History of Steampunk in Videogames” panel.

At 10 am on Saturday, you can learn how to become rich and famous by playing videogames and being mean on Twitter with “The Escapist Magazine: Jobs in the Gaming Industry” panel, moderated by Janelle Bonanno and dispensing advice from Susan Arendt, Greg Tito and, once again, that Butts guy; and then at 5 pm, Steve will lay it all on the line in the “Iron Artist: Steampunk Character Contest,” at which he will either demonstrate his artistic superiority or expose himself to relentless ridicule for the remainder of the con.

There are a lot of other panels to check out too, ranging from “Disability in Steampunk” to “Armor Making,” “How to Prepare a Manuscript For Submission” and “The Devil’s Panties: Not Satanic Porn.” (That’s at 3 pm on Saturday, by the way.) ConTemporal takes place this weekend at the Sheraton Hotel in Chapel Hill, North Carolina; get all the details at

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