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Control – Review in 3 Minutes


Control is an action adventure sci-fi game by Remedy Entertainment. You play as Jesse Faden, a woman who survived an encounter with an extradimensional entity when she was a child. After spending her life searching for answers, Jesse arrives at the headquarters of the Federal Bureau of Control: a secret agency that resolves situations involving reality-altering or seemingly impossible objects, creatures, and events including her childhood experience. The bureau is similar to the SCP Foundation, but Control puts enough spin on the idea to keep it from feeling derivative.

While the game’s story has a few loose ends, the pacing is strong, regularly answering questions while offering new ones to uncover. Compelling characters and truly captivating ideas sell every part of the world and give it a unique charm. Add the varied, enjoyable combat, and Control is an easy game to recommend to anyone looking for solid action or an intriguing story.

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Review copy provided by the publisher. Reviewed on PC.

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