Could Badass Rumble Be Atlus’ Newest Game?


Atlus is bringing Kenka Bancho 3 over from Japan, but first they’re asking for your ideas to help rename the game’s title, which translates to Awesome Master of Badass Beating-Up-People Guys. Yeah, I can see why that wouldn’t work.

For the past few years Atlus has been all about staying true to the Japanese culture in which most of the games it publishes are entrenched, but there’s a point at which you need to stop being faithful to Glorious Nippon and do a bit of revision in localization. Such is the case for PSP brawler Kenka Bancho 3, which Atlus is bringing stateside.

This is a game abut schoolboys beating the snot out of each other, which Atlus describes as “all about you proving yourself as the baddest hombre in town, accomplished by putting your fist as ungently as possible into the faces and guts of your opponents.” There are eyebeams involved here, so yes, the gameplay’s ridiculous, but not nearly as ridiculous as the title of the game as it’s literally translated: Awesome Master of Badass Beating-Up-People Guys.

Now I think that’s a great name, but I’m also crazy. Atlus, those guys are less so, so they want to rename Kenka Bancho for American shores. Thus, they’re enlisting your opinions by conducting a survey asking you to pick from a lineup of potential titles. Here are your choices.

  • Kenka Bancho
  • Badass
  • Badass Rumble
  • Kenka Bancho: Badass Rumble
  • Turf Wars
  • Kenka Bancho: Turf War
  • Bancho Royale
  • Fist of the Bancho
  • Rise of the Bancho

If you ask me, the choice is clear: Badass Rumble. If you think otherwise, you deserve to be shot in the face by Japanese schoolboy eyebeams. Badass Rumble will hit the PSP early next year.

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