Crazy iOS Game dream:scape Looks Positively Unreal


Developers could use the Unreal Engine to make hardcore action titles for iPad and iPhone, or they could use it to take a trippy journey through the memories of a coma patient.

Even though Epic’s Infinity Blade won’t be coming to my Android devices, it was still a great game – but that’s just the tip of what the iOS version of Unreal Engine can do.

What you see here to the right is the first-look trailer for dream:scape, an indie iPad/iPhone game from Speedbump Studios. Or rather, calling it a “game” might not be accurate – while it looks like it has some things in common with classic adventure games like Monkey Island, its creator refers to it as an “interactive experience, controlled by the user.”

The player’s character has awoken from a coma only to find that he (or she?) has lost his memories, and the player must navigate through and explore a surreal dream landscape to put things back together again.

While this is definitely on the “artsy” side of things, it’s also strangely striking – and an excellent trailer that does a very good job of selling the slightly-off atmosphere. Frankly, I’m intrigued, and I don’t even own an iPad or iPhone.

There’s no release date yet, but it seems fairly far along – long enough for it to have a “final app size” of 200MB, anyway. Keep an eye on this one, because it looks rather unique, and gaming could always use more of that.

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