Creative Kingdom, Inc., the architectural design firm renowned for designing the Palm Islands, the World Islands and the Madinat Jumeirah resort in Dubai, has partnered with Entropia creators Mindark to design an entirely new planet for the Entropia Universe MMOG.

The collaboration represents the next major partnership for the Entropia Universe, following the 2007 decision by China’s Cyber Recreation Development Corporation to use the MMOG to create a cash-based virtual economy for the country.

“The technology introduced by this project will enable other companies within the media, film, music and gaming industries, among other content providers, to efficiently acquire their own planet within Entropia Universe,” said Creative Kingdom, Inc. CEO Eduardo Robles. “In turn, this will provide a diverse, entertaining and interesting virtual universe of vast proportions for participants to explore.”

“This long-term partnership with CKI is the perfect match for Mindark,” added Mindark CIO Marco Behrmann. “It further proves the viability of the Entropia Universe platform as the foundation of creating entertaining and exciting online virtual experiences, as well as giving our partners access to a very secure, proven and stable system for handling real cash transactions within a MMORG.”

Launched in early 2003 as Project Entropia, Entropia Universe was an early pioneer in the use of real money transactions, using a microtransaction-based economy in which in-game currency can be purchased and redeemed based on a rate pegged to the U.S. dollar. The virtual universe claims roughly 700,000 registered users from around the world.

“This is a historic development in the world of online gaming,” said CKI President Thanu Boonyawatana. “Our 30 years of experience in creating top iconic resorts around the world was a key factor in our being selected by Mindark to create its next planet, and we relish the opportunity to achieve this unique fusion of physical and virtual worlds.”

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