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Crimesight Announced as New Konami Deduction Game, Beta Soon

Debut trailer and first details: Crimesight is a new Konami mystery / deduction game entering a closed beta test (CBT) on PC via Steam soon.

Well, a new Konami game just got announced! Said Konami game is competitive mystery game Crimesight, and it takes place in London during the year 2075. In this time period, serious crimes can be predicted using analytics and data harvested online. As a result, the crime rate has dropped by 90% globally. However, this same system now predicts a crime that would plunge the world into chaos. The system’s architects then band together to create a new AI whose sole purpose is to investigate and prevent this crime. Crimesight is currently announced for PC via Steam, with a closed-beta test period from June 25 to July 11.

Crimesight has two main characters, Sherlock and Moriarty. Sherlock is an AI designed to stop an AI Moriarty from carrying out its plans. Players will take control of the simulator’s various “avatars” to uncover Moriarty’s targets as well as the murderous villain he took control of.

Moriarty will try to murder avatars in the simulation while Sherlock will try to stop it. In each simulation, Moriarty’s target is the one Sherlock is tasked with saving. They are chosen at random among all the avatars at the start of the game. If they are killed, Moriarty succeeds. There is also an avatar who is the murderer that’s planning to kill the target that Moriarty chose. If the murderer is discovered, Sherlock wins.

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