Critical Horror Story, Amy, Patched


Though unless this new patch introduces some really sweeping changes, the game may still be on track for that “worst game of the year” award.

I can’t think of a pithy way to describe how fundamentally terrible Amy actually is. According to Metacritic, of the game’s 35 professional reviews, 33 are negative. The other two are “mixed.”Our own Susan Arendt, who hasn’t been the same since her fateful encounter with the game – there’s a glossy look to her eyes now, like she’s seen too much – claimed that players would have “more fun just setting [their] ten dollars on fire.”

While a large proportion of the criticism focused on Amy’s (terrible) core design, there was more than a little critical grumbling about the game’s numerous bugs, glitches and outright broken features. Today developer, Vector Cell, announced a major patch for the game.

Here’s a list of the changes the patch implements:

  • The last checkpoint you reach is now saved (instead of going back to the beginning of the chapter)
  • The syringes remain in the inventory after a checkpoint is reached
  • Amy’s Powers remain available after a checkpoint is reached
  • The Combat camera has been removed
  • Most sequences can now be skipped
  • The in-game brightness has been improved

The patch will apparently make the notorious Chapter Five, which I understand is a terrible place where hope and dreams go to die, “much easier.”

A case of a developer desperately spit-shining a turd? Perhaps, but it’s not unreasonable to expect developers to fix their broken games, regardless of popularity or quality.

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