Croteam Unveils Serious Sam HD Gameplay Trailer

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The first gameplay trailer for Serious Sam HD has been released, giving gamers who missed the original a chance to see exactly what they’re in for.

Kids these days, with their Halo and their Killzone and their “characters” and their “story.” What do they know about the simple pleasure of killing everything that moves because… well, just because? What do they know about standing your ground against 500 screaming guys charging down on you when you’ve only got 450 bullets? What do they know about Serious Sam?

The fact is that the original Serious Sam came out more than eight long, depressing years ago, meaning that a lot of today’s voting-age gamers were barely old enough to dress themselves when the classic Croatian killfest first appeared on the radar. Ironically, the amazing simplicity of its concept can actually make it a bit tricky to explain, so it’s lucky for us that the Croteam gang have released the first gameplay trailer for the upcoming remake, Serious Sam HD, now available for your viewing pleasure and edification.

In order to eliminate confusion, I’ll answer a few questions preemptively. Yes, you will fight gigantic, charging bulls in the Egyptian desert. Yes, you will switch between a quad-barreled automatic laser rifle and dual Colt revolvers. Yes, those screaming dudes had no heads and bombs for hands. And yes, the whole damn game is like that.

Serious Sam HD comes out later this year for the PC and Xbox Live Arcade.

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