More government bullying, says Dotcom.

Back in 2012 Kim Dotcom’s property was spectacularly raided, and in the wake of that raid a freeze was put on his assets while the authorities seized his cars, artwork, jewellery, cash, and anything that might hold a scrap of data, up to and including the device that kept an eye on his swimming pool heating system. Not that long ago Dotcom was told he could have his stuff back, as the High Court rejected applications from the Crown to keep hold of it a while longer. But the Crown has filed an 11th hour appeal against that ruling, so Dotcom won’t get his belongings back just yet.

“Breaking News,” Tweets Dotcom. “Crown Law appeals High Court ruling to return assets to my family. Government bullying continues.” He went on to hint that former Justice Minister Williamson could have some very interesting things to say about the 2012 raid, if asked.

“The John Key government will try anything to stop the Internet Party,” claims Dotcom. “National fears we might pick the next government.” If Dotcom gets his stuff back, particularly the cash, a lot of it will go to fund the Internet Party.

While Dotcom’s political ambitions are still strong, his extradition case has yet to be heard.

Source: TVNZ

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