This week on Zero Punctuation, Yahtzee reviews Cruelty Squad.

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Why do old people struggle to understand modern culture? Is it a memory thing, like if you’ve got too many memories of Chuck Berry and trousers with very high waistbands there’s no room to squeeze in any appreciation for fidget spinners? Or is it something physical that just happens one day like your balls dropping or your first period where some culture appreciating part of your brain dies and from then on every new song you hear sounds like a microphone being held up to a fluorescent light? See, I always thought it was just that as you get older you retreat more from general society and lose touch with the common cultural references that allow us to relate to new trends, but there are moments that make me wonder. Like when everyone and their toupees were nagging me to try Cruelty Squad. Whose screenshots on the Steam page immediately made me think “Are they taking the piss? It’s all clashing colours and PS1-era 3D models with worse animation than the little dudes on a foosball table. And environments that look like someone opened the level editor and then threw their laptop out the window of a speeding bus. And texture work that looks like the brooms from the Sorcerer’s Apprentice got set loose in a water damaged gift wrap shop.

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