Crytek Debuts Warface Gameplay Video


The first gameplay video for Crytek’s upcoming free-to-play shooter Warface is now on the tubes.

Crytek revealed Warface in late November as a game designed specifically for Asian markets, where microtransaction-powered free-to-play online games are common. The online shooter will apparently support co-op and PvP gameplay, but it’s still in alpha testing and thus details are scarce.

“The development of our first free-to-play online project marks another major stepping stone for our studio,” Crytek Managing Director Avni Yerli told GamesIndustry. “We believe this game will make a glorious achievement in the Asian markets.”

A gameplay video has now turned up on YouTube, showing off some multiplayer combat that looks surprisingly polished for a game in “pre-alpha” state. But it also looks, as Logan Westbrook mentioned in his assessment of the initial screenshots, a tad generic. Free is good, but with so many other options on the market, it’s not enough to guarantee success and Crytek may need to work on its Warface if it wants to scare anyone.

No word yet on when Warface will be released or whether it will eventually make its way to Western markets.

via: VG247

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