If you’re one of the thousands enlisting into the Halo: Reach beta today, fear not! Bungie has a video to get you up to speed, starring an actress who has appeared on shows like CSI: Miami and Friends.

Halo: Reach is a brand new Halo game, with plenty of new weapons, maps and abilities available to those entering the open beta that starts today. Understandably, those who haven’t been prior coverage of the game might feel a bit overwhelmed by all the new shinies.

That’s why Bungie has prepared this helpful new multiplayer beta tutorial video that you see here. The video, hosted by San Francisco-born actress Aisha Tyler, gives a pretty thorough walkthrough of all of the new maps, gametype modes, abilities, and the like that players are likely to encounter when they run into the beta.

More developers should do this sort of thing when starting up a multiplayer beta, don’t you think? It’s very helpful, and has me eager to get my Spartan on and smash some fools in the face with the Gravity Hammer. It’s half tutorial, half commercial, and pretty effective at both.

If you don’t know who Aisha Tyler is, that’s okay – that’s what Wikipedia and IMDB are for! Tyler is best known for recurring roles in TV series like The Ghost Whisperer, Friends and CSI: Crime Scene Investigation, with a few guest spots on shows like CSI: Miami.

It’s certainly possible that Ms. Tyler is indeed a huge Halo fan, and that her enthusiasm in the video is in fact genuine and not just her putting on an act. But if you’re claiming an attractive female actress likes playing Halo multiplayer hardcore?

That’s quite … a Reach.


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