Cuphead: The Delicious Last Course is DLC for the run-and-gun platformer developed and published by Studio MDHR. If you’ve played the base game, you can expect the same challenging gameplay mixed with new weapons, charms, and bosses. Fans of the series have waited years for new content, and this was 100% worth the wait.

Upon completing the first Mausoleum stage of the base game, players will be greeted by a mysterious character who will transport Cuphead and Mugman to a new Inkwell Isle. We quickly meet Chef Salt Baker and learn of a special cookie that can grant new character Ms. Chalice a permanent physical form. At the moment, Ms. Chalice can temporarily switch forms but at the price of swapping with either Cuphead or Mugman. This leaves our heroes no choice but to acquire these crucial cookie ingredients by defeating a handful of new bosses.

If you loved the original game, I highly recommend getting The Delicious Last Course. The core gameplay is the same — challenging, extremely chaotic, yet tremendously fun. Nothing beats the satisfying feeling of overcoming all odds and defeating a seemingly invincible boss after multiple failed attempts. All of the charms and shots purchased previously carry over to the DLC, which I loved. With the aid of new weapons and magical charms, players have a ton of ways to battle new bosses and set replay original levels as Ms.Chalice.

Ms. Chalice feels like a game-changer. She is an extremely valuable addition to the team because her move set and abilities are different from those of the other protagonists. Ms. Chalice comes equipped with an extra health point (in exchange for a charm shot), which is well appreciated and needed when battling difficult bosses. She also has the ability to double jump, an invincible roll, and a useful dash that when timed correctly can shift the tide of a battle. Her regular shot also has a different rate of fire and spread, which can be useful in certain bouts. Ms. Chalice clearly spices up gameplay in a meaningful and refreshing way.

The Delicious Last Course art design is absolutely fantastic. Characters and enemies still fit the 1930s cartoon aesthetic while simultaneously feeling a bit unique. I found the visuals to be more Fantasia-esque than the traditional style seen before. It’s subtle yet invigorating. In addition, I loved the enviornment transformations featured in the DLC. When playing on regular difficulty, you’ll notice these shifts, making for a much more dynamic and challenging experience.

Seasoned Cuphead fans will surely complete the DLC in roughly 3-5 hours, which may be a double-edged sword for some. With the DLC being pushed for years, some hardcore players may able to breeze through the additional content. However, I found enough value and entertainment in struggling throughout and eventually defeating bosses. I’ve played well over 10 hours and found myself frustrated and motivated with every encounter. Although my skills were lacking, I’ve had probably the best time trying to earn every ingredient to help Ms. Chalice and the gang.

Cuphead: The Delicious Last Course is available now on Xbox, Switch, PlayStation, Steam, and GOG for $7.99.

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