Curling 2010 Cashes In On Olympic Craze


Now that “throwing stones” is an instant craze due to the Olympic Games in Vancouver, Dadoo was able to quickly cash in with Curling 2010.

Industry newcomers dadoo games have introduced their first title, Curling 2010, for download on Xbox Live Indie Games. The curling simulator allows you to play with friends over Xbox Live or connected locally, but you can also play against the AI with three levels of difficulty. Don’t know what the heck this curling thing is all about? There’s a complete tutorial on how the game is played and some of the important strategies. Curling 2010 offers tons of customization, including number of stones thrown per team, as well as a target competition and practice mode, where you can set up specific shots. Curling 2010 is available now for only 240 Microsoft points or $3.

Curling as a sport was first played in Scotland as early as the 15th century. It spread across the Atlantic with Scottish settlers, with the oldest club in North America, the Royal Montreal Curling Club, established in 1807. The gentlemanly turned-based game involves sliding polished granite stones across carefully-prepared ice, with teammates brushing the surface to increase distance or turning. The goal for a curling team is to have the most stones closest to the target after 16 stones have been thrown, and teams employ a combination of skill and strategy to make it happen. Curling has been an official Winter Olympic sport since 1998, although it was played at the 1924 games.

I’ve been watching curling at the Winter Games in Vancouver and I’m impressed with the healthy amount of strategy in the game. It’s great to see a sport that emphasizes your brain just as much as your brawn.

Next up, Olympic StarCraft 2. It’ll happen!

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