Konami’s arcade dancer, “Burnin’ The Floor” in an off-broadway musical.

You don’t have to hate Les Freres Corbusier’s musical production of Dance Dance Revolution because it’s brilliant but because they’ve already done that work for you. The New York-based company will be transforming the Ohio Theatre into a “fully immersive, bombed-out discothèque as it fuses unmerciful Japanese rave music with deeply regrettable sophomoric comedy” based on Konami’s legendary rhythm dancer.

Combining the best elements of cheesy dance musicals like Footloose and death sport films such as Rollerball (Brett Ratner, take notes), Dance Dance Revolution takes place in an Orwellian society where dance is forbidden. All of this changes when a group of local street toughs join forces with a mysterious dance prophet named Moonbeam Funk.

There will also be free beer to distract you from how awesome this is going to be.

If you live in the NYC area and this sounds like a good time to you, tickets are on sale now for shows running from December 3 through December 20. On a personal note, a good friend of mine has already purchased his tickets and I’ll be sure to follow up with his thoughts, whether it was “So Fabulous, So Fierce” or if it just plain “Sung Suks.”

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