Dante Takes to the Air in New DmC Trailer


Guns, massive swords and gravity defying combat? It’s a Devil May Cry game all right.

Dante may have a new look in the Devil May Cry prequel/reboot, but if the new gameplay trailer shown at Gamescom is anything to go by, his fighting style remains untouched, even if he has picked up a new trick or two.

It’s not as good a trailer as the one that Capcom released for E3, but it’s a lot more focused. It shows Dante slicing up his foes with some pretty massive melee weapons, primarily a scythe, with a little sword action thrown in for good measure. There’s also a little gunplay, and what looks like a Mortal Kombat-esque spear, which pulls distant foes back into melee range. Hitting foes in the air is also still in there – it wouldn’t be a Devil May Cry without it – and it looks like Dante can stay in the air for a very long time, as long as he keeps attacking

There has been some concern in the past about Heavenly Sword and Enslaved developer Ninja Theory might somehow ruin the gameplay, but it appears to have left everything pretty much as it found it. Of course, that does nothing to placate the people who are upset with Dante’s new look in the game, many of whom have resorted to homophobic slurs to express their annoyance.

DmC comes out for PS3 and Xbox 360 in 2012.

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