Dark Age of Camelot might be getting a little old, but the folks at Mythic are doing their best to keep things fresh and up-to-date for players.


Since it launched in 2001, Dark Age of Camelot has managed to keep enough players around to stay in business, but some of the original content has become rather obsolete over the years. In order to deal with this dilemma, Mythic has announced that some of the game’s “Classic World” content is getting a much-needed update.

Michael Knudson, a new member of the game’s development team, announced the planned updates via Mythic’s official developer diary. “We’ll be starting this overhaul with the Stonehenge Barrows in Albion, Spindelhalla in Midgard, and Coruscating Mine in Hibernia,” he explained.

“As Camelot has evolved over the years, many of the original items that were introduced in what is now called the ‘Classic World’ are now obsolete. Well, starting with version 1.104 players will find these familiar items with improved quality and far superior bonuses than what were previously available. It is our intent that these changes will make these items once more desirable to both new and veteran players leveling up through the Classic World.

“Over the coming months, we will be revisiting additional classic world dungeons in a similar fashion with the goal being to breathe new life into other existing dungeons. Additionally, as one more way to sweeten the pot, we have added several new and unique items that will drop from some of the more notable denizens in these respective dungeons.”

While Dark Age of Camelot isn’t exactly competing with World of WarCraft or Age of Conan when it comes to new players, it’s nice to see that Mythic isn’t only focusing on new content for its expansions. So, if you’re new to DAoC or just happen to be playing through the game’s Classic World and are worried about getting saddled with outdated content, don’t worry: Mythic’s got your back.

Source: Mythic Developer Diary via MMOCrunch

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