Dark Souls Goes Limbo With Black-and-White Mod


Dark Souls has been re-imagined in a mod as a stunning black-and-white RPG experience.

While most would likely point to their intense gameplay as being the best part of From Software’s Souls games, there are many others who love their visuals just as much. Oozing with atmosphere, they manage to portray vivid worlds that are beautiful to look at while often also being creepy as all hell. That being the case, it might be hard to believe that anyone could make a game like Dark Souls more striking than it already is.

Then again, you’ve probably never played the game in black and white. That is exactly what a recent mod for the PC version of the game allows players to do. Originally conceived of after a Reddit user accidentally stripped out the colors and textures from Dark Souls with the software Reshade, the mod itself has been dubbed the “Limbo” mod because of the way it transforms Dark Souls‘ visuals to resemble the 2010 platformer.

The results are pretty danged stunning. Mind you, actually playing the game this way would probably be substantially more difficult than playing it with the graphics set on normal. That said, all it takes is a quick look at some of the images that have come out of it to see why it might be worth trying. If nothing else, it shines a new light (or casts a shadow rather) on one of modern gaming’s most beloved classics. If you’re curious, nstructions for trying the mod yourself can be found here.
Source: Kotaku

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