Dark Souls Mobile Game Slashy Souls Released


Something to tide you over for a bit

Bandai Namco, in partnership with GameStop, has released a new mobile game based on Dark Souls, as the publisher gears up to launch Dark Souls III in April. Available on iOS and Android devices, Slashy Souls is an autorunner that places a similar demand on accuracy and timing as the series which inspired it.

In Slashy Souls, players command a knight on the run from an encroaching dark fog, avoiding traps and fighting with monsters. Tapping the screen has the knight perform an attack. Swipes cause them to jump or roll in the direction of the swipe, allowing one to leap over obstacles or dodge attacks.

And, like the rest of the Souls games, it’s rather difficult at the outset, with a visual language that needs to be learned and no pity for those who aren’t prepared. Truth be told, it’s been kicking my butt most of the morning. But, as with other titles in the series, I find it just as challenging to not blame myself for losing. The controls are responsive and accurate, I’m just terrible at it.

Maybe you’ll have better luck than I. You can grab Slashy Souls for yourself from Google Play or the App Store, where it’s available now as a free download.

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