Dark Souls Mod Makes Boss Monsters Play-able


One Dark Souls fan has created a mod aimed at giving players the ability to control the game’s boss monsters.

There’s perhaps no gaming moment more terror and awe-inducing than the first time you go toe-to-toe with a boss monster in a Souls game. Often enormous and always deadly, they can transform even the most skilled franchise veterans into flailing newbs barely able to hold their own. That in mind, there’s probably been more than a few fans who, over the years, have fantasized about taking those same bosses for a spin. Now, thanks to the modding skills of one enterprising gamer, Dark Souls fans on PC may someday be able to enjoy a taste of what it’s like to be gigantic, powerful and terrifying.

Said mod, dubbed the Dark Souls Boss Arena Mod, was created by a Reddit user named AnatharMerol. The mod, using a cheat engine along with a debug version of the game, gives players the ability to step into the monstrous shoes of the game’s bosses and use them to battle other bosses. The end result is something almost akin to an interactive kaiju fight with the game basically transformed into a contest between two massive creatures beating the living hell out of each other. If nothing else, it looks like a lot fun and could serve as a nice change of pace for players left emotionally drained from trying to beat the game’s bosses normally.

Unfortunately, AnatherMerol has yet to release the mod publicly. That said, we’re sure there will be plenty of gamers eager to give it a go once it becomes more widely available. What do you think? Is this a mod you’d enjoy playing with or would you prefer to stay puny and practically powerless as the standard game forces you to be?

Source: Reddit

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