The upcoming RPG evokes both Dark Souls and XCOM.

It seems that Red Hook Studios wants to dispel two myths: first, that RPG’s are too easy, and two, that evil is something that can be killed with a sword. Set in the modern tradition of “what doesn’t kill you only twists your mind, leaving you a fragile shell of a man”, Darkest Dungeon recognizes that monsters aren’t the only thing to fear: there are also brutally hard RPGs to deal with! While it doesn’t show any gameplay, the recently released trailer does demonstrate the kind of horror that awaits adventurers in poorly-lit subterranean passageways.

Darkest Dungeon is intended for gamers who appreciate a tough-but-fair challenge and want to experience dungeon crawling in a way they never have before,” Red Hook Studios warns. A key feature will be managing your team of heroes as you plunge further and further into darkness. “You will recruit, equip, and manage a stable of over 16 heroes, and watch as their experiences organically mold and shape them in positive, and…not-so-positive, ways,” it continues. Meaning, they’ll go mad, develop new powers, and fight amongst themselves in what the company is describing as Dark Souls meets XCOM.

If that sparks your interest, know that Red Hook will likely be funding it via Kickstarter soon, so pay attention. Darkest Dungeon is currently set for a 2014 release on PC, Mac and Linux, and Red Hook is also “”considering all appropriate options at this point in development, including consoles and tablets.”

Source: Red Hook Studios

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