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Developer Red Hook Studios has announced that Darkest Dungeon II is coming to early access on Epic Games Store with a release date of October 26, 2021. The studio broadcast the early access release date on Twitter, confirming that its Gothic horror RPG will arrive just in time for Halloween. You can wishlist the game before it arrives next month.

Red Hook revealed last October that Darkest Dungeon II would come to Epic Games Store for its early access period. In addition to bringing an updated combat system and visuals, the game will add more challenges, bosses, and monsters to endure, as well as a new metagame to enjoy. The first Darkest Dungeon brought its hand-drawn art style to players on PC and console platforms in 2016, with DLC packs such as The Crimson Court, The Shieldbreaker, and The Color of Madness arriving post-launch. Though Darkest Dungeon II is only planned to enter early access on the Epic Games Store, Red Hook has said that it will come to other PC platforms when the game’s official launch build rolls out. There is currently no official word on potential console versions.

Darkest Dungeon II now has its early access release date with Epic Games Store set. Until October, be sure to check out The Escapist’s Darkest Dungeon Documentary, where we spoke with Red Hook about everything that made the original so special. You can also learn more about the series in a Q&A video that touches on more behind-the-scenes details.


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