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Darksburg Is a Co-Op Roguelite That Is Severely Lacking Content – Review in 3 Minutes

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Darksburg is a co-op-focused roguelite from Shiro Games. You play one of five survivors escaping a city overrun by the undead. Each character looks distinct and has a unique weapon, such as a nun who wields a cross, a chef who swings a giant ladle, and a plague doctor who uses a goo canon. They’re all visually distinct and make it easy to know who is where and what abilities they’re using.

Gameplay has you fighting through four levels full of hordes of undead. While it procedurally generates each level, the limited assets for each level and basic layout mean every level plays nearly the same each time. Small, mid-level tasks like finding explosives to blow through a wall can happen at random. Each level ends with a specific task you must complete, such as fighting off a horde while waiting for a ferry, getting someone supplies, or running through a never-ending mob of enemies. However, they end with the same task every time, so there’s no surprise over what’s going to happen. The fifth level is a boss fight in a crypt, which is also the same boss every time.

While it makes a good first impression, after a few hours you’ll see nearly everything Darksburg has to offer. People who are desperate for a new co-op roguelite that is simple but can get out of hand quickly if you don’t pay attention may enjoy this, but I wouldn’t recommend it to anyone else.

Darksburg is available now on PC for $19.99 with a 50% launch discount.

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