Darksiders II: A New Horseman of the Apocalypse Approaches


Darksiders II retains the combat of the original, while introducing a new loot system and main character.

Despite lackluster sales, THQ immediately green-lit a sequel to 2010’s excellent Darksiders upon its release. Vigil Game’s sequel to the original will include a new main character, Death, along with a new cast of side characters, new weapons (including a hammer twice Death’s size) and a loot system – yet to be described in detail, but just the very idea is tantalizing.

In the past, THQ creative director Luis Gigliotti commented on the sequel having all Four Horsemen – the other two being Famine and Pestilence (sometimes called Conquest) – along with having a multiplayer component. Co-op, perhaps?

However, these comments date back to 2009, before production on a sequel even began. There are rumors the game will see a 2012 release, but THQ might announce an official release date next week, either in Game Informer or at E3.

A recently released trailer shows some in-game footage of Death wielding his scythe, saddled on his pimped-out horse of death, smashing a hammer against hordes of skeletons and jumping from wall to wall. Also, his legs are friggin’ huge.

Yup, that’s Darksiders, alright.

Source: Game Informer

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