Ever have a bad day at work? God of War creator David Jaffe certainly has – and he vented about his frustrations with the PS3 dev kit on his personal blog.

Jaffe, who created the hit action game God of War during his tenure at SCEA before leaving to found his own studio, Eat Sleep Play, is known for being a fervent supporter of his former employer. He’s also known for impassioned – occasionally rather exceptionally so – rants on his blog. Sometimes, the two intersect, like when he called out a mysterious MSNBC journalist for being “biased” against the PS3.

So, perhaps it was time for a change.

For all the folks who think all I do is rah-rah the PS3 all the time, here’s a switch for you:


At least the dev kit 🙂

This isn’t Jaffe bemoaning the complexity of the PS3 hardware, or its oft-criticized difficult development process (Jaffe would probably side with Guerilla on the issue), or its high price, or anything that people usually criticize the PS3 for. No, Jaffe is angry at his PS3 dev kit because apparently, the things are too damn fragile:

DAMMIT! Today I broke off my 6th f**king USB port thingy that hooks the controller up to the dev kit. I know you can’t tell all that well from this pic, but that little black tab on the floor is the thing that hooks the end of the usb cable into the ps3. And they are very, very fragile for some unknown motherf**king reason. And I was simply walking by the damn dev kit and the cord caught on my leg and snap! God Damn Motherf**ker just popped and shut my day down.

It isn’t just Jaffe’s problem, either (or at least, he says it’s not): “According to our producer Angelic, she has already had to send 8 of the God Damned things in for repair! So at least I don’t feel so bad about being the only one this happens to. But still…DAMN!”

Alas, Jaffe may not be able to play whatever game he was hoping to try out until… well, tomorrow. This wouldn’t be the first time the hot-tempered David Jaffe has spouted off on his blog, either.

One wonders what he’d do if he ever got a RRoD.


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