David Jaffe, the original designer of God of War and Twisted Metal for Sony, said that he doesn’t regret leaving GoW series and that he may or may not be working on a TW reboot.

Jaffe has earned his credibility by speaking directly to his audience via video blogs. His latest installment discusses how he feels no regret for leaving Sony’s stewardship of the God of War series, how he’s psyched that GoW is gracing 7-Eleven Slurpee cups and how a reboot of the Twisted Metal series may be the next thing coming from his game studio, Eat Sleep Play.

“I don’t wish I was on the God of War 3 team. I’m totally happy with the contributions I made to that series, but, you know, it’s not my game,” Jaffe said. But if there was any sliver of regret of not being on that team, it was when he found out that Kratos was being featured on the Slurpee cups at 7-Eleven.

“It’s pretty fucking exciting to know that there will be people all over the country who are going to walk into 7-Eleven and [experience Kratos] as a part of their history, of their culture,” he said. “To the God of War 3 team, I say that’s awesome, guys.

He also briefly hinted at what his company is working on now, as reported by VG24/7. “Just to be clear, I’ve never said we were or were NOT making a new Twisted Metal. Ever. But just to be 100% clear, if we were to make a new Twisted, I would consider it a reboot,” Jaffe said.

“If we were to make a new one, we’d be starting with the assumption that no one knows what Twisted Metal is anymore and we’d have to re-earn each and every fan the series ever had.”

Source: VG24/7

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