Dawn of Justice May Have Four Additional Villains

Amanda Waller

Man of Steel‘s sequel looks like it’s going all-out with its superhero and supervillain casting departments.

Dawn of Justice, the Man of Steel sequel dead-set on introducing the entire Justice League in advance, may be balancing things out with additional villains. We already knew that Jesse Eisenberg’s Lex Luthor would be the main baddie, but according to Latino Review another four are expected for secondary roles: Victor Zsasz, David Cain, Morgan Edge, and Amanda Waller.

Victor Zsasz is most recognizable today from the Batman: Arkham videogames. A serial killer who carves a mark into his body for every victim, and he has a lot of marks, Zsasz would make a great villain for Ben Affleck’s Batman to face early on. David Cain is a lesser-known Batman villain, an assassin hired by Lex Luthor to kill Bruce Wayne, making him a great choice for a crossover film.

Switching to Superman villains, Morgan Edge is a media mogul and competitor of the Daily Planet. That may sound tame for a Superman flick, but Edge also secretly runs the criminal organization Intergang, which has ties to Apokolips and Darkseid himself. Amanda Waller, who fans of Justice League Unlimited should be familiar with, is a government agent responsible for policing metahuman affairs; imagine a female Nick Fury who doesn’t trust the Avengers.

To be clear, this information is still technically in the rumor stage, although it seems to be credible. To me, the most telling detail is that none of these characters are costumed supervillains, and would fit perfectly in a story where ordinary humans oppose superpowered beings. If true, Superman and Batman would need to prove their worth to the world, creating a logical chain of events from Man of Steel to Justice League. That said, we’ll need to wait for official confirmation from Comic Con before we say for sure.

But if it is true? And Morgan Edge is the leader of Intergang? There’s a very good chance that Darkseid will be Justice League‘s main villain, and I have no problem with that.

Source: Latino Review, via Comic Book Movie

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