Day 1 And LucasArts Sign Deal


Former Mech Assault developer Day 1 Studios has singed a new publishing deal with LucasArts.

Gamespot reports that LucasArts has signed a deal with Day 1 Studios to publish an unannounced next-gen title. Day 1 Studios is best known for the Mech Assault and MechAssault2: Lone Wolf games on the Xbox, which were exclusive to the system. This new deal with Lucas Arts does not specify a platform, so the Sony and Nintendo systems remain on the table.

Day 1 Studios director of business development, John Kimmich, is optimistic about the new partnership, noting that, “They embraced the ideas we represented, instead of just focusing on making games prettier and focusing on the same old kind of gameplay, they want to radically change the way games are played.” LucasArts vice president of product development Peter Hirschmann claims that the development tools Day 1 has created played a big part in the new deal. “The phenomenal technology created by Day 1 directly affects gameplay in extremely innovative ways,” he said.

Day 1 Studios is currently working on the Xbox 360 port of F.E.A.R.

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