Microsoft is trying to make up for the troubles Xbox Live users had when Modern Warfare 2‘s latest DLC was released.

Do you love Modern Warfare 2 so much that you purchased the Stimulus Package as soon as it was released? Bully for you, because Microsoft is giving all day-one purchasers of the map pack a free week of Xbox Live Gold. That’s a 96 cent value, assuming you purchase your Xbox Live subscription in one-year increments.

Why is Microsoft being so generous? Larry “Major Nelson” Hryb told IGN that the giveaway is to “thank buyers for their loyalty to Xbox Live” and has nothing to do with the issues reported on the service when the Stimulus Package was released. Some of the problems players reported were with matchmaking and map rendering (graphics).

The troubles have reportedly been fixed as of now. Modern Warfare 2‘s Stimulus Package was exclusive to Xbox Live on release, so Microsoft is obviously killing two birds with one stone here: give loyal Xbox 360 players a bonus, and alleviate the ire caused by the early issues. Even during a zombie apocalypse Modern Warfare players wouldn’t give up on the game, so Microsoft definitely didn’t have to do anything nice here. The fact that it did so quickly is pretty neat, though catering to arguably its largest and most hardcore audience isn’t surprising.

Source: IGN

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