DayZ Breaks Out of ArmA II


The standalone version of DayZ will follow a “Minecraft development model.”

As a relatively new add-on for military simulation game ArmA II, the DayZ mod has gained a lot of steam since its alpha release a few months ago. The open nature of the zombie-infested world, combined with a focus on survival, has made it a hit with over a million players so far. Now on the heels of that milestone, announced recently over Twitter, the development team has more good news for its fans; DayZ is officially going to be turned into a standalone game. The mod’s creator, Dean “Rocket” Hall, called the news a “fairy-tale outcome” for the mod.

The game’s developer and publisher is none other than ArmA II developer Bohemia Interactive, with Hall leading the project. It will be released using a “Minecraft development model,” according to Hall, who specifically cited releasing frequent updates and making an alpha version of the game available for a discounted price. Hall had contemplated this pricing structure earlier, when he first discussed turning the mod into a standalone game.

This game’s development doesn’t mean instant abandonment of the mod itself, though – the DayZ mod will still be updated “in parallel with the development of the game,” according to Hall. Whether the mod will keep up with the game after it comes out, or whether the limitations of the ArmA II engine will hold it back, still remains to be seen. Other information, like the release date and price, should be revealed over the next few weeks.

Source: DayZ Dev via Eurogamer

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