Seems there is some miscommunication between Turbine and Fileplanet over who and how you get into the Dungeons and Dragons Online Beta test. Turbine is telling us “All Registered FilePlanet members are invited to participate! No paid subscription required!”. The reality over at Fileplanet is that you will have to fork over some cash to get included. So, who should we fault here?

I think this is another case of the Game Developer or Manufacturer being unaware that a distribution point for one of their products is finding a way to make money off of a fabricated requirement. Ask Best Buy if it really was company policy that customers had to purchase XBox 360 bundles or they would be prohibited from buying any XBox 360 merchandise. Then again, Best Buy may not be the preferred people to ask, seeing as how they are probably extremely busy getting ready for a big sale next week.

No purchase necessary, details inside.

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