A 10 minute long video demonstrates new defense missions, turrets, and boats.

After a bizzare tease last week with a bloody bust, Dead Island: Riptide is back in the news and ready to finally drop the goods. While still in pre-alpha, developer Techland has released a video showcasing the gameplay from their upcoming co-op zombie-em-up title. While the core action remains, Riptide will feature a handful of new features designed to enhance your zombie survival experience.

Perhaps the most interesting feature is the new hub defense missions, which fulfill the classic zombie fantasy of a last-stand defense. Players will have to scavenge for weapons and supplies before fighting against the inevitable onslaught of undead flesh. You’ll have the freedom to place mines and barricades to block off passages and funnel the cannibal corpses into the kill zones of turrets. Chain link fences offer more flexibility by blocking off a path as well as letting you shoot through them. While the video shows players scavenging for machine gun turrets from a downed helicopter, they appear to only be placeable at pre-defined points.

Since the previous game, the tropical wonderland of Banoi has been swamped with monsoons, leaving large parts of the island underwater. To get around, players will be able to use boats which feature a speed boost and more defensive positions than previous vehicles.

Dead Island: Riptide is set to launch for PC, Xbox 360, and PS3 on April 23rd.

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