Deep Silver has announced the winners of a zombie-themed wedding aimed at promoting Dead Island: Riptide.

Weddings are supposed to be days of unbridled happiness, celebrating the joining of two people in a permanent bond that lasts the length of their lives. There is fine wine, nice clothes, dancing, and in the case of Jennifer Jones and Rob Blackmore, an undead mariachi band. The couple, winners of a contest hosted by publisher Deep Silver, are being treated to a zombie-themed wedding to help promote the upcoming release of Dead Island: Riptide.

The contest began in January of this year and asked betrothed couples in the UK to send in video applications telling their stories and explaining why they should be the “official zombie bride and groom for Dead Island: Riptide.” After several months and countless video submissions, Deep Silver selected Jones, 27, and Blackmore, 31, based on their “genuine love for each other, and enthusiasm for the Dead Island franchise.” The couple was, naturally, excited to find out they had won. “We’re big fans of Dead Island and the horror genre, and a zombie wedding is a dream come true for us,” said Jones.

The wedding in question is scheduled to take place on April 26th, the European launch date for Dead Island: Riptide. Jones and Blackmore will both be zombified for the ceremony and Jones will also be driven to the wedding in a custom Dead Island: Riptide pickup truck. We personally might have gone with a Dead Island limo, seeing as it’s a wedding and all, but perhaps that would have ruined the mood. In addition to hosting the wedding, Deep Silver will also be sending Jones and Blackmore on a Caribbean honeymoon.

At the end of the day this is all, of course, to help Deep Silver sell more copies of Dead Island: Riptide. Even so, it’s hard to begrudge the company for turning a wedding into a promotional opportunity when it will likely make these two people very happy. In the least, this is a step up from trying to sell the game by including a busty mutilated torso.

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