Dead or Alive is coming to the 3DS; based on this ad, it’ll be full of both jabs and jiggles.

The Dead or Alive series has never been shy about using sex appeal in advertising for its games. Now, the series is coming to the 3DS system with Dead or Alive Dimensions, and the first television ad (which is in Japanese) is treading familiar marketing territory.

As you can see, the ad highlights the over-the-top fighting action that the series is known for, though it mainly showcases female characters trading blows. The usual zaniness is there, such as riding an enemy down a set of stairs or body-slamming them into hot lava; unsurprisingly, the jiggle factor is on display as is a final cleavage shot.

Dead or Alive Dimensions is getting released on May 19th, and this ad is available on the Wii’s Everyone’s Nintendo Channel.

It’ll be interesting to see if the ad (or something similar) gets aired here in North America. It’s certainly not the most scandalous advertisement that’s ever been aired for an entry into the series. Remember that “She Kicks High” TV spot from about ten years ago?

Source: Andriasang

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