Dead Snow Sequel Red vs Dead Coming To US

What do you mean you reattached my arm?

Zombie movie fans have a chilly little place in their hearts for Norwegian splatter-fest Dead Snow. Undead Nazis vs unsuspecting students out in the snowy wilderness? Sold. Well, there’s a sequel, Red vs Dead, and that’s also sold: Well Go USA has picked up the rights to the movie, and intends to make a US domestic release announcement soon.

Notice that Norwegian in the trailer? Love it now, because it won’t be there in the morning. The previous film was part Norwegian, part English, but Well Go wants to release Red vs Dead in English only.

Brief synopsis of Dead Snow: students meet (meat?) Nazi zombies, argh, splat. Brief synopsis of Dead Snow Red vs Dead: I survived! Now it’s time to raise an army of my own and kick Nazi zombie butt. And probably also argh splat.

Source: Hollywood Reporter

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