Severed, the upcoming DLC for Dead Space 2, finally has a release date and a trailer, too.

Electronic Arts actually announced Dead Space 2: Severed back in January, but it’s only today that we finally get the details. The fun begins on March 1 when Gabe Weller, the hero of the 2009 Wii game Dead Space: Extraction, once again straps on his armor, picks up a gun and starts killing everything he sees. As a hard-hitting Security Officer, Weller brings unique armor and a more powerful pulse rifle, just the thing for butchering his way from one end of the Sprawl to the other.

And what’s a DLC announcement without a trailer to back it up? EA has that base covered too, with a new video revealing the Sprawl in all its oppressively underlit glory.

Dead Space 2: Severed will sell for 560 Microsoft Points on the Xbox Live Network or $6.99 on the PlayStation Network. PC gamers, I’m sorry to say, will have to do without.

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