Dead Space Demo Coming Soon


Gamers still torn over whether or not to sink their bucks into the survival horror splatterfest Dead Space will find the decision gets a little easier tomorrow when EA launches a free downloadable demo of the game for the Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3.

Released in October, Dead Space follows the adventures of the subtly-named Isaac Clarke, an engineer who finds himself confronting an alien infestation that turns humans into grotesque monsters called “necromorphs.” The gore-filled game received some bonus attention soon after release when Executive Producer Glen Schofield said the mutilated bodies in the game looked so realistic because the development team spent time poring over photos of real mangled bodies. “This sounds horrible, but we had to go look at pictures of car accidents and war scenes and things like that because we had to get it right,” he said. “We had to portray scenes of terrible carnage and realism.”

Dead Space has received widespread critical acclaim and high review scores since its release, including a nomination for “Best Action Adventure Game” for Spike TV’s upcoming 2008 Video Game Awards. The demo will be released worldwide over the Xbox Live Marketplace on November 25; the PlayStation Store in North America will offer it on the same day, while it will be available via the PlayStation Store in Europe on November 27. Sorry, PC gamers: Jino Talens of EA says the publisher has no plans to release the demo on PC.

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