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Deadloch Ending Explained

Here is the ending of Amazon black comedy murder mystery Deadloch fully explained, including the identity of the killer.

Deadloch, Amazon’s Antipodean, has come to a close. Eight episodes and a lot of detective work later, we finally know who was responsible for the titular town’s escalating body count. But if you’re still scratching your head or simply want to skip to the chase and find out whodunnit, don’t worry. Here, the ending of Deadloch will be fully explained, including the identity of the killer.

Explaining the Deadloch Ending: Who Killed Deadloch’s Men and Why

Deadloch features more twists, red herrings, and side stories than you can throw a machete at. After a bumpy start, officers Dulcie Collins and Eddie Redcliffe work together to solve the case, despite the interference of Commissioner Shane Hastings. Though, to be fair, if that many bodies were turning up in your jurisdiction, you’d be fighting to save face too.

In the final episode, it’s revealed that the killer is Ray McLintock. Yes, the same Ray that Redcliffe was growing increasingly attached to. He’d killed before he came to Deadloch but had changed his MO, deciding to target abusive men. Ray believes he’s doing Deadloch’s women (and the world) a favor.

Already aboard the men’s escape bus, Ray gasses and kidnaps them, tying them up on an old farm. He also kidnaps Skye O’Dwyer, who is Hastings’ prime suspect. Dulcie and Eddie track him down but not before he wounds Dulcie and cuts out medical examiner James’ tongue. Let’s face it — we were all praying for something horrible to happen to him.

Eddie chases and confronts McLintock, who gets the upper hand till Dulcie arrives. He then falls into a river and over a waterfall where he dies, skewered on a massive branch.

After a two-month jump, the following happens at the end of Deadloch:

  • Tammy has become captain of the football team and is helping raise money to buy the island back.
  • Vanessa is no longer homophobic and is going around talking about her rainbow family.
  • Skye is back together with her fiancée Nadiyah.
  • Abby is on track to becoming a medical examiner.
  • Phil McGangus is drinking on his own, possibly ostracized by the rest of Deadloch.
  • Dulcie (who recovered from her injury) and Cath are also back together.
  • Dulcie and Eddie travel to Darwen, Eddie’s hometown. Eddie’s partner wasn’t killed by a crocodile; he was shot in the head, so the pair set out to solve his murder.

So What Happened to Margaret Carruthers and Her Brother?

While it looks like Margaret’s brother, William, is being set up as the killer, that turns out not to be the case. Tammy and Miranda head to the island, currently owned by Margaret, thinking that they’re going to catch the murderer.

Instead, they find Margaret, dying from a snake bite, having dug up her brother’s corpse. It’s revealed that, contrary to what Margaret had said, her brother William wanted to give the island back to the indigenous people. She killed him to prevent that and, five years ago, buried his body in the cemetery, telling people he’d left Deadloch. But karma prevails and she dies from the snake bite as Tammy and Miranda watch.

Has Amazon Renewed Deadloch for Season 2?

Amazon has not, currently, renewed Deadloch. Though with Dulcie and Eddie now in Darwen, attempting to solve Eddie’s partner’s murder, there’s a definite sequel hook there.

That fully explains all the key plot points (and all the murder) in the ending of Deadloch on Amazon.

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