Deadpool VFX Reel Shows Just How Much Was Real Vs. Effect


A VFX reel from Atomic Fiction shows how much of the superhero blockbuster Deadpool was real and just what was enhanced and computerized.

Stunt doubles in action movies are common place, but superhero movies require action and effects that even the best stunt double can’t perform. So visual special effects come into play, and this Deadpool VFX reel from Atomic Fiction shows just how much was digitized.

The breakdown, which focuses on the highway action that is interspersed through the whole movie, shows just how much was created after filming was done. It is amazing to see just how much may look real but isn’t.

Of course, Deadpool requires a lot of special work. It took five actors to create Colossus in VFX from
Digital Domain. And considering that director Tim Miller is himself a special effects guru that worked at Blur Studios, it really is not much of a surprise how heavy the digital work is in the film.

Deadpool has already has been a hit with critics and has taken in more than $700 million worldwide. As an R-rated film, and a superhero one at that, it has done better than anyone ever expected. A sequel is already in the works, and a special Director’s Cut is also planned that could very well be X-rated.

If you haven’t see the film yet, I’d highly recommend it, especially since it got Betty White’s endorsement.

Source: Atomic Fiction, via /Film

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