1C Company has released a demo for Death Track: Resurrection, the upcoming combat racer based on the classic 80s DOS game.

Developed by Skyfallen Entertainment, Death Track: Resurrection puts players in the role of a rookie driver entering a deadly racing tournament for the first time, strapped into a powerful machine packed with an arsenal of deadly weapons. Players will compete in five racing modes across ten cities with over 100 km of tracks, earning bonuses for performing spectacular stunts while battling to be the first one – or the only one – to cross the finish line. Some drivers will go home to fame and fortune; others will go home in a body bag.

Death Track: Resurrection is based on the hit combat racing sim Deathtrack, developed by Dynamix and released by Activision in 1989. Featuring 3-D polygonal cars captured in “16-color digital photo splendor,” Deathtrack included three cars and ten tracks, as well as a selection of both weapon and automotive systems, each of which came in three levels of quality. In the Deathtrack manual, Mark Brenneman, one of the game’s creators, said the decision to develop a racing sim was justified by the team’s deep understanding of automobiles. “I know cars, man,” he said. “I spent seven years off the coast of Alaska, so I know cars.”

Death Track: Resurrection is currently scheduled for release in October 2008, exclusively for the PC. To learn more about the game and check out the demo for yourself (980 meg), go to

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