This week on Zero Punctuation, Yahtzee reviews Deathloop.

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You know what, fine, maybe time loop games can be a genre. They’re a nice neat way to formalize the standard save load function within the context of the plot and they let us live the fantasy of not having to advance beyond the present day and watch our civilization’s gradual transformation into a gigantic consumer electronics landfill. But they can’t officially be a genre without a proper exemplar. What Doom is to Doom clones, Dark Souls to Soulslikes, the bitter polyamory of Metroid and Vania. Yeah, I know there’s been half a dozen time loop indie games, but there’re so many indie games competing for attention none of them have a high enough profile, it’s like trying to see magic eye pictures in television static. Deathloop comes to us from the creators of Dishonored and Prey – or to give it its full title, “not that Prey the other Prey” – and brings their trademark play-it-your-way AAA immersive simminess to the time loop concept, but will it be the game that takes the crown of time loop genre namer? No, it won’t, frankly. Partly for all the reasons listed below, partly because the name just sounds weird the more you say it. Deathloop. Deathloop. Sounds like a bloke with a speech impediment trying to point out a single masted sailing ship.

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