Death’s Door is a top-down action adventure game from Acid Nerve where you play as an immortal crow grim reaper working for the Reaping Commission. This otherworldly bureaucratic company processes the souls of the dead, under the direction of the Lord of Doors, an enigmatic being capable of creating doorways between any two points in reality.

Controlling a basic-ass crow in an action game brought an odd charm that didn’t wear off, largely because it feels so tight. Combat allows for combos tied to different weapons like swords, daggers, and hammers that vary by number of hits, damage, and speed. There are ranged options as well like a bow and magic spells that double as path-opening tools.

Death’s Door is an incredibly cohesive experience. Its main plot concludes after about 12 hours, but I dare you to just stop there. The massive amount of detail poured into each aspect of its design does the job of transporting you to its world, getting you invested in its characters, and pushing you to meet all its challenges. It is well worth your time. The game is out now on Xbox One, Xbox Series X|S, and PC for $19.99.

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