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Sony and Bluepoint Games have given us a detailed look at Demon’s Souls’ character creator and Photo Mode. If you’ve been wondering how the reimagining of the PlayStation 3 original will translate over the 2009 game’s potato characters, a breakdown posted at the PlayStation.Blog promises much better-looking faces on PlayStation 5. There are “up to 16 million permutations” of appearances, with more customization options and variety than before.

“To create your character as you see fit is to build an emotional connection to the world of Demon’s Souls,” said Gavin Moore, creative director of Sony Interactive Entertainment’s worldwide studios external development. “You don’t play as a muscle-bound barbarian or a mighty god but an average person, vulnerable and familiar. Together you will face the same fears and overcome the same challenges. Watching your beloved character die is painful, but this spurs you to take revenge, reentering the battle. Each victory is ever sweeter because your creation lives on.”

Demon’s Souls’ Photo Mode, meanwhile, will seemingly be just as robust as many other similar modes of recent years, as players will be able to hide and show weapons and helmets, turn off characters, strike poses, change expressions, and change various other camera settings. As a bonus, all the Photo Mode filters can be used during gameplay, adding an option to provide a new (or potentially more familiar) look to some classic environments.

You’ll be able to explore the Photo Mode and character creator when Bluepoint’s Demon’s Souls arrives as a PlayStation 5 launch title next week, Nov. 12.

character creator, photo mode, sony, bluepoint games, Demon's Souls character creator, photo mode, sony, bluepoint games, Demon's Souls

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