The Desert Bus for Hope is auctioning off some insanely awesome, ultra-rare loot this year, including autographed videogames, uncut Magic: The Gathering cards and more.

This is pretty hot stuff, so pay attention. The Desert Bus for Hope is rolling out on its annual endurance ride to tedium at 6:00 pm PST on November 18 – that’s tomorrow – and alongside the usual cool loot that goes up for auction over the course of the “action,” the LoadingReadyRun team has put its hands on some really rare collectibles that will absolutely blow your mind.

First up, from Wizards of the Coast, are three uncut sheets of the latest Magic: The Gathering expansion, Innistrad, in foil – one “commons/land,” one “uncommon” and one “mythic/rare,” which I assume will make sense to those of you who play the game. Also on the block is a Magic: The Gathering Online account with four of every card currently in standard, complete sets of M12 and Innistrad in foil and, for the D&D fans out there, a Legend of Drizzt Rulebook signed by R.A. Salvatore and Peter Lee.

“These lots are for the serious MtG fan and collector,” the Desert Bus blog warns, which is a nice way of saying they’re going to sell for huge piles of money, so either bring your gold card or stay at home.

For those whose tastes run more toward videogames, comes some freakin’ amazing donations from philanthropist Steven Dengler. Get a load of THIS:

Steve Lot One: a copy of Daikatana autographed by John Romero himself, a big box Planescape: Torment autographed by Chris Avellone and other members of the dev team, a jewelcase Anachronox signed by Tom Hall, and BioShock, Freedom Force and Freedom Force vs. The Third Reich, all signed by Ken Levine.

Steve Lot Two: autographed Daikatana, a big box Anachronox signed by Tom Hall, “small box” European release of Planescape: Torment signed by Avellone and co., BioShock, Freedom Force and Freedom Force vs. The Third Reich all signed by Levine, plus – wowzers! – a copy of the Doom Collector’s Edition also autographed by The Romero.

The Obsidian Lot: Planescape: Torment, Fallout: New Vegas, Knights of the Old Republic 2, Neverwinter Nights 2, Mask of the Betrayer and Alpha Protocol, all autographed by Chris Avellone and “a ton of the team.”

The Irrational Lot: BioShock, Freedom Force, Freedom Force vs. The Third Reich and a big-box System Shock 2System Shock 2! – all autographed by Ken Levine.

I don’t think there’s anything left to say at this point except “holy crap.” What did I tell you? Mind = BLOWN.

To participate in the Desert Bus live auctions, you’ll have to sign up as a donor, which you can do right here, while a full list of live auctions, which will hopefully be updated with start times, is available over there. [While you’re at it, don’t miss out on The Escapist “So You Want To Be a Games Journalist” Lot, which includes a couple of Zero Punctuation imps, Duke’s Balls and the Bling Gnome.] Remember, the Desert Bus for Hope pulls out at 6 pm PST tomorrow – don’t miss it!

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