Design a Horse for Turbine


Ever dreamt of being a horse-designer for MMORPGs? Well now you can be, courtesy of Turbine and Lord of the Rings Online!

Turbine are looking for creative people to design a horse for Lord of the Rings Online, with the winning entry actually appearing in the game and a Turbine goody bag for the artist. Best of all, not only do you get to design the horse’s markings, but you can create a saddle and blanket too!

Fake enthusiasm aside, this is a pretty strange competition. Asking fans to design a suit of armor, or a tabard or something I can understand, but a horse? Seems like the competition version of a non-sequitur.

Still, if your artistic talents lie in an equestrian direction and you like the sound of people riding your creation around Middle Earth, then all the competition details are here. Perhaps you can use Sprinkles (pictured) as an inspiration.

Source: VG247

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